The journey of enough

by Anne Day

word enough

When you hear the word “enough” what comes to mind?  That you’ve had it, you’re done, finished, and ready to quit, or is it that you are not enough, you don’t measure up, basically, you are not good enough.

As Amy Hunter and I embark on this exploration and research for our book, with its working title of “Enough,” it has already been interesting to check out the reaction to our topic.

As we talk about the premise of the book, we’ve found that women just nod their heads and say “yes” while men look at us with a puzzled look on their faces.  Perhaps because while men do face the same fear of failure, the vocabulary and how they express it, is different, and that is assuming they even verbalize it at all.  Women, on the other hand, are more comfortable talking about their feelings.

What we have learned so far is that feeling “not good enough” is real.  Very real. Some women are more than aware of this and just asking brings it all bubbling to the surface, while for others, it is perhaps a buried emotion that they prefer not to dig up and expose.

Fascinating.  My sense from these brief interludes is that we are tapping into something big, sometimes negative and deep, that needs to be faced and better still, eradicated.

These feelings of self-doubt can be barriers to our success – in business and relationships, its tentacles reaching far into our lives.

And then there are the real questions – what is enough?  What is success?  Right now we have more questions than answers, but at least we are probing and asking them.  For too long we have hidden behind the masks of inadequacy.

One thing we know for sure –  we are not perfect.

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