Good Enough.

by Anne Day and Amy Vodarek

PrintAre YOU hiding behind a not good enough story?

You are NOT alone! Many women suffer from self-doubt. They believe they are not good enough, bright enough, pretty enough, thin enough to succeed, and this belief is holding them back from realizing their potential, from becoming who they are meant to be.

Finding women to talk about this topic was never a challenge. Over the course of three years, authors Anne Day and Amy Vodarek connected with over 350 women.

Through the heartfelt storytelling and real-life examples shared in this book you will learn that overwhelm, judgment, and fear of failure often lead women to believe that they are not good enough.

Embrace who you are. Unleash your Brilliance.

Good Enough will gently prompt you to step out of your own way so that you can design success and life on your terms.