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As the founder of Company of Women, I am always hearing from women about their dreams for the future.

The whole idea of this project arose out of a discussion I had with a group of dynamic businesswomen who after sketching out their ten-year plan, felt they wouldn’t achieve their goals, because they “weren’t good enough and didn’t deserve to be successful.”

I was shocked.  Their lack of confidence shook me and belied the outward exterior they presented to the world of women who had their act together.  In reading further and talking more with friends and colleges, it would almost seem this is the norm.

Our hunch is that many women, and men too (but they approach it differently), suffer from the impostor syndrome or phenomenon, always waiting to be discovered for the fakes that they believe they are.

I was looking for a theme for my next book, and I realized I’d found it.  Then enter Amy Hunter, Encore Coaching Company, stage left.  We were just meeting for lunch and I casually asked what she was up to, when she disclosed that she was the keynote speaker at a conference that weekend, aimed at women and their daughters.  When I asked what her topic was, there was a goose bump moment when she said that is was about being good enough.  As a coach, Amy told me she hears women struggling with the idea of trying to do it all, striving to meet everyone’s needs while ending up feeling not good enough.

And so now, the two of us are working together to explore this complex issue.  We want to hear the stories from other women, to hear about their feelings of self-doubt and to dig deep and find out why, what are the triggers that can cause us to feel inadequate? But most important of all, we also want to find some effective strategies to change this “not good enough” mindset and create a new way of looking at our lives, ourselves and our definition of success.

Jonathan Fields recently said that “mindset is the heartbeat of success.” How true.  Our goal is to bust open the idea of not enough and develop strategies to shift that mindset so you are focused on a path to fulfill your potential.

We hope you will join us on this journey.  Check in as each week, we will share some insight we’ve gleaned from our talks with people, share who is inspiring us and what were reading as we travel along.  And we’ll be asking for your ideas and feedback too.

Here’s to the journey!

Watch as Anne and Amy talk about being Good Enough:

5 Days To Feeling Fabulous With Anne Day and Amy Hunter from Clarity House on Vimeo.

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